I lead the content design team at 18F, a digital design and technology consultancy within the federal government. I also teach a strategic writing course for designers at the School of Visual Arts.

I am the coauthor of Nicely Said: Writing for the Web with Style and Purpose with Kate Kiefer Lee. You can read an excerpt of it or buy a copy at your favorite bookstore.

I love collaborating with designers and developers on iterative, research-driven projects. Most recently, I helped imagine and develop the FBI Crime Data Explorer, defined a roadmap for new hire training as 18F’s onboarding lead, and researched best practices in digital transformation. I am also a core contributor to the 18F Content Guide.

Before joining 18F, I was an independent book editor and user experience consultant, working directly with clients on web and editorial projects of all sizes. Previously, I was a senior content strategist at Facebook, Lab Zero, and Mule Design. I started my professional writing practice at Apple, where I served as communications lead for five years.

I live in Brooklyn with my husband and our daughter.

Portrait by George Baier IV.